Soul Ache


Soul Ache

You took your life and left us,
Twenty four years ago today
Your bullets didn’t take me,
But broken I will stay
The flesh has healed,
My heart will beat
And tears that come are not defeat.
But life did change and tears do flow
Our son and daughters still do grow
I cry for life we dreamt of. . ..
Our family,
Our future,
Our love
Where love and hope should always shine
You have taken what was theirs and mine
You took so much that was not yours
In minds so young you put up doors
Both husband and father you did take
And You left us with a “Soul Ache”
Now life goes on and days go by
And those you left, with memory cry
What we can’t forget we can forgive
Without you,
We continue to live
Can God forgive you for this sin?
In heaven,
We pray,
We will meet again!


About misfitmuslimah

I suffer from bipolar disorder,PTSDD and Anxiety,as well as a few other disorders with long names I can't pronounce correctly or seem to spell either. I cry more than most everyone I know, not sure if this is a good thing or not. I have suffered many losses in my life, some I might one day be able to talk about others I have buried and try to forget

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