Giving Up


I Think I’ll Give Up.
All this misery and pain
Self-esteem is what I will never gain
Why is this happening to me?
For losers like me,
It was meant to be
I often crawl into my bed
Thinking of a gun put to my head
Write angry thoughts with a pen
Happiness never experienced again
I’ll hate,
I’ll hate myself forever
Blew my chances with a guy named T
As easy or hard as it seems
I’ll never get the guy of my dreams
My parents are jerks
No reasoning ever works
They are the reason for my depression
Making my life hell is their obsession
All the reasons to die
All the seasons will fly
And I know just how
I think I’ll go kill myself now

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  1. A stranger here is so proud of you for staying strong and still being here. I honestly don’t know what exactly you’re saying, but i’ve seen people around me depressed and studying a degree in Psychology really gives me an idea how troubling it is. Thank you for trusting your fellow readers.

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