Just Being


At the moment I am just being , I don’t have any goals or dreams I just wake up and struggle to get through the day , I am dealing with a rough patch and sometimes that’s all you can do at the moment.

Back 3.5 months ago I made a mistake to try a form of birth control that didn’t agree with me or my body still dealing with the mood swings and bleeding I have been bleeding from it since I got it and it just really sucks , also I have had a bad reaction to another medication and all the stress of dealing with it and the mood swings have let to head pain in the sides of my face .


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  1. Sorry to hear you are struggling, bad reactions to birth control are quite common, I have had bad reactions to every kind I have tried . Medication reactions are also quite common next time the doctors want to prescribe medication ask what the weird scary side effects are . Hope you feel better soon and get through the rough patc

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