Stupid Thing


The other day I almost did a stupid thing I’m not sure how it came about my remembering of it is foggy and tear stained at best , but I do remember at one point the other night I found myself sitting on a very high wall looking down into a tree thinking what am I doing here how’d I get here? Then fear overtook me as I’m afraid of heights and also of falling , my dumb brain isn’t working well I’ve been sick with chills and sweats as well as a period from hell and my moods been in the toilet . I’m still trying to figured out why I got on the wall in the first place how did it happen ?


About misfitmuslimah

I suffer from bipolar disorder,PTSDD and Anxiety,as well as a few other disorders with long names I can't pronounce correctly or seem to spell either. I cry more than most everyone I know, not sure if this is a good thing or not. I have suffered many losses in my life, some I might one day be able to talk about others I have buried and try to forget

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  1. As Salam Alikum Sister, please seek some help , it is hard having bipolar disorder and mood swings can get out of hand do you have a safety plan for when you are feeling out of control? Do you have people you can talk to?

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