Not Sleeping well


I haven’t been sleeping well went to see a psychiatry and she basically told me that I’ve tried most every medication that’s available and the results are it A ) didn’t work , B ) I was allergic to it or the side effects were so bad it wasn’t worth taking the medication , I left the office feeling alone and defeated then I was so upset I walked for a long time probably not such a good idea with this weird pain in my hip then I came home and zoned out on tv so I didn’t have to think my left arm and leg both went numb and dead feeling while I was sitting down, I only found this out when I tried to get up and fell over because my leg gave out.

I binge ate yesterday , I’m not proud of it , I know it’s not health and it ruined my diet and this morning when I weighted my self I actually gained like 6 pounds overnight.

Why is it so hard having a mental illness? I feel alone and lonely and struggling with this on my own.


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  1. As Salam Alikum sister , sorry to hear you are struggling and can’t take any medications for your moods , it’s really hard to control your moods when your brain doesn’t make all the right chemicals , do you have a schedule ? That helps as well as doing certain things like changing your diet and removing as much processed junk as you can , do you journal ? This helps me, if you need a ear please feel free to pm me

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