Depressed In Ramadan


I haven’t had the best ramadan in fact this ramadan I have spent almost all of it eating my meals alone and being alone I suffer from depression and holidays are hard for me.

I never feel that I fit in anywhere I feel like I am the odd piece that was accidently added to the puzzle by mistake. I feel oddly disconnected from everyone and everything no one understands how I feel.

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  1. Don’t this like that, there are muslims out there that need your friendship as much as you think they don’t. Try to find a local muslim community and they will be understanding, I’m sure there are many social media groups especially on Facebook that are located in your district. Inshallah you can find good muslims to break fast with and pray with.

    Just remember there are a ton of muslim who want and need you as much as you need them 💜

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  2. I’m sad to read this, my dear sister. Ramadan can be such a beautiful month. Connecting with the local community as advised in the other comments might be a good thing for you, yet I know it is sometimes difficult to go out and meet people when you feel odd and different. Reading the Qur’an and reflecting about it may bring peace to your heart and help you open it to accept yourself as God created you and welcome others more easily. May Allah help you with your difficulties.

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