Don’t Know……


I haven’t really been a good blogger lately ,

Not been able to write not sure as to why just chalking it up to life and what not I have been dealing with health issues and doctors appointments some days I wonder if the doctors make it so hard to figure out what is wrong I mean I have been to the doctors four times the labfour time went in for a ultrasound of my stomach and they still don’t know why it is cramping up whenever I eat anything it’s just so frustrating , my headaches have also been flaring up and the spinning dizziness has been hard I had a phone consult with my headache doctor and he ordered specialized test won’t be able to do that test till next month


About misfitmuslimah

I suffer from bipolar disorder,PTSDD and Anxiety,as well as a few other disorders with long names I can't pronounce correctly or seem to spell either. I cry more than most everyone I know, not sure if this is a good thing or not. I have suffered many losses in my life, some I might one day be able to talk about others I have buried and try to forget

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  1. As Salam Alikum sister
    Ramadan Mubarak
    My advice is take Ramadan one day at a time and don’t be to hard on yourself if you can’t fast for health reason make it up by feeding hungry needy people

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