Not Feeling Like Writing


I haven’t been a very good blogger , as of late I haven’t been good at much of anything .
I have been really sick not sure with what it started out as a cold then it turned into a nasty cough along with flu like symptoms , it took a good 3 weeks to just feel somewhat ok I still feel weak and blah just yucky , this illness has messed up my cycle not sure whats with it been having it now for 19 days straight yes aunt flo is been around for a long time my normal length is usually 7 to 9 days , which is normal for me but now nothing is normal so I will be having to go see a doctor to find out what is going on. My depression hasn’t been helping it feels like everything is such a chore and everything exhausts me . I cry myself to sleep most every night and when I actual get sleep my dreams are weird and haunted from ghosts of past and memories best left deeply buried . I am surrounded by people yet I am so alone like I am in a glass bubble and can see the people and barely hear them I feel like I am mute without a voice some days I don’t even bother trying I just hid in my room and watch tv to numb my screaming mind and racing thoughts , I am not lazy I am sad and depressed and it affects me a lot I have given up on medications as so many have failed or made it worse. I don’t really have any friends anymore as no one understands how I feel and they have all stopped talking to me even though I try and stay in


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  1. Sorry you feel this way , depression is hard take baby steps , please seek help from a doctor for your health issues a 19 day period isn’t normal and needs to be elevated , have your hormones checked as well as a pap and other kinds of tests just explain everything to your doctor .
    In sha Allah You feel better soon


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